Joey Hobbs

Hello. My name is Joey Hobbs.

I recently spent 4 years leading the web development team at Quid. There we built graph visualization software.

Back in my excessively bearded days, I did a wee talk and demo at TechInMotion. It's about graphs and Quid and whatnot. I hope you enjoy!

Please listen to this song I made. I quite like making music. I usually make music with Renoise. Click here to listen to more songs I've written & recorded.

Saga of the Lordrakes

This is a Flash RPG I made back in ~2004. I learned most of what I know making this game.

Modular Synth

Here is a simple JavaScript synthesizer/keyboard demo I made in 2011. If it doesn't work, I apologise. The Chrome Audio API gets updated every other day apparently.

Here is my resumé.

Here is some of my code.